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HiDPI (Retina) support

23rd November 2012 | News

This site now supports HiDPI on “Retina” class devices (iPad 3/4, MacBook Pro with Retina display) and similar tablets/screens. If you have one of these (and use a browser that supports it) you should notice smoother and more detailed images. Future content will all display at higher resolution while existing images will be updated over time.

Digital Black & White – One on One

10th November 2012 | Courses
Stairs, Rome - Stephen Best

Stairs, Rome – Stephen Best

This week long comprehensive workshop covers the skills required for achieving the finest B&W results in print from digital capture. Photographic outings followed by working on the resulting images and printing in Macquarie Editions’ studio is aimed at duplicating the process you’ll go through on your own. While there are plenty of aspects to cover, the pace and emphasis will be tailored to your requirements. This isn’t a course in creative photography or seeing in B&W, but concentrates instead on the craft of realising your intentions in print at the highest level, for personal or exhibition purposes. (more…)

Print Care Instructions

5th November 2012 | Technical

Careful handling of your prints is essential to ensure their optimum presentation and avoid costly reprints (at full price). If they’re to be framed/mounted it’s best to take them directly to your framer. Time for the prints to cure is also highly recommended (allow for this instead of submitting your print job at the last minute). When collecting your prints bring an appropriately sized portfolio case to transport them safely. (more…)

view from here – Mark Mohell

14th August 2012 | Exhibitions
Mark Mohell

Mark Mohell

Shot over eighteen months on the New South Wales South Coast, view from here is part of a series exploring forgotten spaces in the urban landscape. The exhibition opens at Canberra Contemporary Art Space (CCAS) Manuka at 6pm on Thursday 16th August and runs to 26th August. Gallery hours are 11am to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday. (more…)

Photoecology Exhibition: Mulligans Flat

24th July 2012 | Exhibitions
Photoecology - Mulligans Flat

Photoecology – Mulligans Flat

Photoecology is an initiative that aims to bring people together to explore the natural world through photography. For the inaugural program, community members came together to explore Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve. The result is an exhibition of printed works that conveys both the experience of group members through their individual lenses but also the collective experience.

“Viewers are challenged to think about how this place functions not only as a place to enjoy and recreate in but also as a living ecosystem and as an artistic subject.”

The exhibition opens at CSIRO Discovery at 6:30pm on Tuesday, 24th July and continues until 12th August. (more…)

Bowerbirds – Brian Jones

13th June 2012 | Exhibitions
Apprenticeship 3 - Brian Jones

Apprenticeship 3 - Brian Jones

Brian has been documenting the stages of life of a Satin Bowerbird, and visitors to its bower, in his Canberra garden since 2009. The exhibition of photographs, along with a video, opens at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre at 6pm on Thursday 14th June. The exhibition continues until 1st July. (more…)

Noble Conquest – Christine Rufflet

24th May 2012 | Exhibitions
Tojo - Christine Rufflet

Tojo - Christine Rufflet

Christine’s images of horses from Sologne in the Loire Valley opens at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre at 6pm on Thursday 24th May. The exhibition continues until 10th June. (more…)

Postcards From Texas – Samuel Townsend

23rd May 2012 | Exhibitions
The Uniform Room - Samuel Townsend

The Uniform Room - Samuel Townsend

Sam’s personal and eclectic mix of images from a trip to America in 2010 opens at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre at 6pm on Thursday 24th May. The exhibition continues until 10th June.

“I was deeply moved by this contagious bravery sprawled across the American landscape/dreamscape and tried desperately to capture it somehow, holding on to it tightly through words and pictures, an action designed to bear witness to my memories.” (more…)

Just Families – Ginette Snow

22nd May 2012 | Exhibitions
Ginette Snow

Ginette Snow

Just Families is a pho­to­graphic doc­u­men­tary that takes us inside the daily lives of ordi­nary fam­i­lies with same sex par­ents. Ginette Snow looks at the sim­i­lar­i­ties between these fam­i­lies and het­ero­sex­ual fam­i­lies rather than look­ing at the one dif­fer­ence. The love, the care, the patience, friend­ship, fun, and chaos, the humour, the reli­a­bil­ity, the teach­ing, the laugh­ter, the lis­ten­ing and of course the prob­lem solving.

The exhibition is showing as part of the Sydney Head On Photo Festival and opens at INDEX, 60 Hutchinson Street, St Peters at 6pm on Wednesday 23rd May and continues until 9th June. (more…)

Turaluralu Tuvalu – Josh Wodak

22nd May 2012 | Exhibitions
Josh Wodak

Josh Wodak

Josh’s Turaluralu Tuvalu is an exhibition of landscape and seascape photographs concerning the effect of sea level rise on low-lying South Pacific islands. The title of the exhibition refers to ‘bidding goodbye’ to Tuvalu, as it is among the most susceptible islands in the world to global warming induced seal level rise.

The exhibition will be opened by Dr Martyn Jolly, Head of Photography and Media Arts, ANU School of Art at 6pm on Tuesday 22nd May at the School of Art Foyer Gallery, ANU and continues until 1st June. It will also be showing at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Sydney from 15th August to 26th August. (more…)