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Past.Present.Future. – Mark Mohell

10th December 2013 | Exhibitions
Mark Mohell

Mark Mohell

Mark’s latest exhibition Past.Present.Future. “includes a collection of vintage works as well as a sample of works to come. As the exhibition title hints I believe we must embrace our past, our present day and our ideas of our future to understand our purpose and our views of the world around us.”

The exhibition opens at the Kaori Gallery, Canberra City Framing at 6pm on Wednesday 11th December and runs to 25th January.


Natural Views – Fanny Karouta-Manasse

18th November 2013 | Exhibitions
Banksia speciosa - Fanny Karouta-Manasse

Banksia speciosa – Fanny Karouta-Manasse

Fanny’s Natural Views photographic exhibition is showing as part of Canberra Centenary celebrations.

“In this show I chose only images of Australian plants or birds taken in the ACT. This is not only because of the Canberra’s centenary but also because nature in this city is at everyone’s doorstep. However, the plants pictured are not all native to the ACT or NSW. Most of them, like the banksia (Banksia speciosa from Western Australia), were taken at the Australian National Botanic Gardens where I enjoy to walk and learn about the native flora.

“I often like my images to show a different view of our natural world in order to induce people to look further, and encourage them to observe more closely for a deeper understanding and appreciation of our living environment.”

The exhibition is on display at the Kaori Gallery, Canberra City Framing until 7th December.


Hahnemühle Rice Paper

15th November 2013 | Papers

Hahnemühle Rice Paper is a thin, natural white, 100gsm, alpha-cellulose paper with a laid pattern visible when held up to the light. Intended for the reproduction of Sumi-e (East Asian ink wash) paintings its applications range from calligraphy, semi-translucent hangings to portfolio cover sheets. Impressively for such a thin paper it gives up nothing in terms of gamut or maximum density which would also make it useful for lower cost full size proofs. Rice Paper is available in rolls only.


Still – Tess Godkin

8th November 2013 | Exhibitions
Pears - Tess Godkin

Pears – Tess Godkin

Still is a collection of still life photographs featuring the raw and natural beauty of various fruits, vegetables, flowers, other found objects and their surroundings.

“The images appear quiet and effortless, however much thought has gone in to constructing their composition with consideration to texture, colour, camera angle and most importantly lighting. All of the images are lit with directional natural lighting to help create a still and moody atmosphere.”

This exhibition is on display at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre until 24th November.


Us – Phil & Helen McFadden

26th October 2013 | Exhibitions
Freddy Quaytara - Phil McFadden

Freddy Quaytara – Phil McFadden

Us – One Planet, Many Peoples is an exhibition of photographic portraits by Phil and Helen McFadden captured during their travels. The images are of people whom they have seen and met in places like Turkey, Mongolia, Ecuador and Madagascar as well as Australia. Helen’s images are soft sepia-toned monochromes of women, children and men going about their daily tasks – making bread, minding an eagle, sewing a saddle, or fishing in a rice paddy. Phil’s images often show the intense gaze obtained by engaging with the subject.

“In most places, the people are overwhelmingly friendly and happy to share their world. Whatever their cultural backgrounds, they share our aspirations and their hopes for their children. They are people like Us.”

The exhibition opens at Yarralumla Gallery, Cottage 1, Weston Park Rd, Yarralumla at 3pm on Sunday 3rd November and runs to 30th November.


Something Old, Something New – Joseph Cali

28th September 2013 | Exhibitions
Rehydrate - Joseph Cali

Rehydrate – Joseph Cali

Joe’s Something Old, Something New is a retrospective photographic exhibition from a number of his bodies of work.

“In January 2011, large 100 year floods inundated Queensland. I was in Brisbane at the time and having driven there, was stuck for 10 days when the floods effectively cut Brisbane off from the rest of the country. Six months later, water from the same flood event finally reached Lake Eyre adding to the water of a smaller though still significant flood in 2010. I was at Lake Eyre a few weeks after the water arrived with the north lake 85% full. Much of the Rehydrate series was taken at this time.


Reflective Scans

15th September 2013 | News

Macquarie Editions has recently added a colour managed large-format flatbed scanner and can now offer high quality scans of any drawn, painted or printed media up to A2 size. The scanned image can then be transferred to a fine art paper as a reproduction potentially indistinguishable from the original (and with comparable display life).


Shaping Canberra – Josh Dykgraaf

15th September 2013 | Exhibitions
Planned Evolution c.1930 - Josh Dykgraaf

Planned Evolution c.1930 – Josh Dykgraaf

Josh Dykgraaf is contributing a series of works to Shaping Canberra: the lived experience of a changing landscape. This exhibition, curated by Ruth Hingston, of new work by eighteen Canberra artists “combines their own sense of the capital’s changing landscape with explorations of material held in local collections and archives”. The exhibition opens at the School of Art Gallery, ANU at 6pm on Wednesday 18th September and continues to 19th October.


Updated Price List

1st September 2013 | News

Effective today, an updated Price List applies for a number of prints and services.

The price for all but the largest prints will increase with corresponding discounts of 5% or 10% for medium/large jobs. This reflects a disproportionate overhead for small jobs.

The discount for student work (where the prints are for assessment) has been increased from 15% to 20%.


100 Views of Canberra

26th July 2013 | Exhibitions
100 Views of Canberra - Kerry Baylor

100 Views of Canberra – Kerry Baylor

As part of the Centenary of Canberra project, PhotoAccess’ 100 Views of Canberra exhibition is to be held at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Art Centre. The show opens at 6pm on Thursday, 1st August and continues to 28th August. An accompanying book of all images will be launched at the opening.