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Ilford Galerie Gold Mono Silk

21st June 2013 | Papers

Ilford Galerie Gold Mono Silk is a new paper specifically designed for black & white inkjet printing. It’s a 270gsm, fibre-based paper with a cool white base (L*a*b* coordinates measured at 95.9, 1.2, -4.0). Its surface closely resembles traditional fibre papers used in the darkroom with an air-dried glossy appearance. A very subtle surface texture/stipple adds to its appeal.


Photoecology Exhibition: Black Mountain

13th June 2013 | Exhibitions
Photoecology - Black Mountain

Photoecology – Black Mountain

Photoecology is an initiative that aims to bring people together to explore the natural world through photography. Over the past year, the group has explored a site at Little Black Mountain in Canberra, a reserve which supports a great diversity of species and is particularly well known for its orchids. The group’s images tell the story of what they saw and how they interpreted the place.

The exhibition opens at CSIRO Discovery Centre at 6pm on Monday 17th June and continues to 23rd June.


Liminal Suburbia – Mac Nichols

13th June 2013 | Exhibitions
Liminal Suburbia #3 - Mac Nichols

Liminal Suburbia #3 – Mac Nichols

Mac Nichols is currently showing three works from his ongoing research and photographic investigations undertaken as part of Graduate Coursework program at ANU in the Photography and Digital Media Arts Workshop.

Liminal Suburbia is a photographic response to the contemporary suburban landscape that we inhabit: not the ordered lawns and smooth asphalt streets but the marginal zones at the edge of suburbia where secret urges and behaviours are played out. The “no-mans-lands” at the verges of our urban environment. They are not conventional landscape images, none of the normal place signifiers exist; horizon, sky, time of day, point of view etc. The images use “flatbedding” for its objective anonymity and ignorance of the coded vision that a camera and lens automatically bring to the subject. They appear as assembled pseudo scientific surveys of the surface of the urban wasteland in all its revealing detail.”


Using Lightroom to create print-ready files

6th June 2013 | Technical

If you’re an Adobe Lightroom 4 (or later) or Classic user you can use the included Print module to layout your image(s) exactly how you want and prepare a file for printing with the highest quality results. Sophisticated layouts can be created in Lightroom with ease and a lot of flexibility. Your layout could be just a single image placed exactly how you want on the paper or multiple images/copies arranged however you like, even overlapping. After you’ve tweaked your images and done the layout the following will explain how to create a JPEG file you can upload to Macquarie Editions’ site for subsequent printing.


Urban – Hilary Wardhaugh

19th May 2013 | Exhibitions
Hilary Wardhaugh

Hilary Wardhaugh

Hilary Wardhaugh’s Urban opens at The Artists Shed, Queanbeyan at 6pm on Saturday 25th May.

“I have focussed on the idea of public space, places where anyone can do anything at any given moment; work, play, create art, fight, discard, drink. Humanity creates spaces of beauty within the urban environment; but left, it decays. This beauty and subsequent decay reveals a generic feel to urban community even though these images are captured in different spaces around Australia. There were many people using the spaces at the time but as I prefer to quietly observe from a distance, it intrigues me that the resulting images lack human involvement and have a sense of stillness too.”


Verge – Mark Mohell & Roland Henderson

7th May 2013 | Exhibitions
Untitled 1 - Mark Mohell

Untitled 1 – Mark Mohell

Mark Mohell and Roland Henderson’s Verge is “an early morning exploration of Canberra’s suburbs, capturing the space between private and public in the city’s centenary year”. The exhibition is showing at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre until 19th May.


On This Site: Bateman’s Bay – Erica Hurrell

22nd February 2013 | Exhibitions
Dusk - Erica Hurrell

Dusk – Erica Hurrell

Erica Hurrell is showing alongside Jessie Boylan, Sean Davey, Denise Ferris, UK Frederick, Lee Grant, Marzena Wasikowska and Wouter Van de Voorde in On This Site: Bateman’s Bay. The exhibition opens at 6pm on Friday, 22th February at Kaori Gallery, Canberra City Framing, Hobart Place, Civic and runs to 10th March. (more…)

Develop – Caitlin Welch

6th February 2013 | Exhibitions
Needlework - Caitlin Welch

Needlework – Caitlin Welch

Caitlin’s Develop is a combined photographic and video exhibition exploring Tikondane, a community based organisation in the Eastern Province of Zambia.

“Tikondane’s mission is to help surrounding communities by providing essential social services through means of education, health care services, income generating activities, seed distribution and many other sustainable initiatives. All profits made from sales at the exhibition will go back to Tikondane to help further develop their community school. Their school is the only one in the district that is free. Government schools require the children to have uniforms and pay a small donation. This is not possible for many families as average monthly income is only $25.”

The exhibition opens at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre at 6pm, Thursday 7th February. (more…)

Sleepwalker – Ursula Frederick

14th January 2013 | Exhibitions
Sleepwalker - Ursula Frederick

Sleepwalker – Ursula Frederick

Ursula’s Sleepwalker is a series of images developed over several years of visiting the Jindabyne tip.

“I was struck by a veritable mountain of mattresses rising up out of the ground amidst rocks and trees. I began to explore, clambering over springs, and fabrics and fragments of wood, but because of its deteriorated state I could never really ascend its heights. Walking around and over the sprawl of mattresses I couldn’t help but see the intimate histories they carry. Each photograph is then a kind of portrait, a memento of dreams and the bodies they cushioned.

“The work as a whole is also a reflection on our society’s approach to consumption and waste and how our actions inevitably alter the landscapes we live in.”