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Effective 15th March, 2021


Film scans

All scans will be done with a Hasselblad Flextight 848 at maximum resolution and bit depth. This dedicated film scanner delivers visibly superior results from your originals, approaching or equivalent to those from a drum scanner but for a lot less money. Film sizes supported range from 35mm (unmounted) to 4inx5in and 6x17cm. Your originals can be B&W or colour, negatives or transparencies. The resulting scans will allow for the largest print size possible but these can be downsampled for smaller prints, web use etc. Additional Photoshop work will generally be needed to prepare them for printing. The files provided will be in TIFF format at 16bit/channel. Please supply a USB3 flash/hard drive for the scan files.

See below for pricing. Discounts are available for volume (10+) scans.

Want full control over the results and cheaper scans? Ask about 3F scans.


Film format
Quantity / Cost per scan


Reflective scans

For reflective scans of unmounted artworks and documents, a custom colour-calibrated Epson 11000XL flatbed scanner will be used. All scans will be done at 600ppi (unless you have a requirement for something different). Please supply a USB3 flash/hard drive for the scan files.


Original size
Quantity / Cost per scan
Up to A3



Macquarie Editions uses a state-of-the-art Epson SureColor P7560 12-colour archival pigment printer. Print sizes range from A4 up to 24″/610mm by any practical length. A range of over thirty premium papers (from Canson Infinity, Hahnemühle, EPSON, Ilford, Harman, Museo etc) is stocked in sheets up to A3+ and with a selection of these available in larger sizes/rolls. Relevant ICC profiles (generated in-house) are available on request for soft-proofing purposes (note that due to inherent monitor limitations soft-proofing should be treated as a guide only).

For information on the preparation of your files for printing, click here.

Image files for printing can be uploaded directly, posted on disc/flash or delivered in person. Do not email image files.

All supplied images are individually examined before printing and resizing/resampling, sharpening and/or noise reduction may be applied (as judged necessary). Appropriate paper profiles and rendering will then be chosen for the best results on the selected paper. Any requested adjustments/editing/layout work may be charged at an additional $75/hour (in 5min intervals).

Macquarie Editions does not offer a print finishing service but is happy to recommend suitable framers etc.

Pricing for prints/reprints is as shown below (see also medium/large job and student discounts). The paper sizes shown in red are the most common/popular sizes. Pricing is for the overall paper/sheet size, not printed image dimensions. To compute the cost for prints on roll media (anything larger than A3+) select the roll width and multiply the cost per linear inch by the print length required (1 inch = 25.4mm). The minimum length for prints on rolls is 10″. A quote for any print job is available on request.


Paper size
mm x mm
Cost per print
9.5″ x 13″
241 x 330
13″ x 19″ (A3+)
330 x 483
420 x 594
17″ x 22″
432 x 559
20″ x 24″
508 x 610
24″ x 30″
610 x 762
17″ roll
432 x length
$2.50 per linear inch
24″ roll
610 x length
$3.30 per linear inch



  • If your job is for 5 to 9 prints (these can be different images/papers/sizes), 5% will be deducted from the total printing cost. If your job is for 10 to 19 prints, 10% will be deducted from the total printing cost. If your job is for 20 or more prints, 15% will be deducted from the total printing cost.
  • If you’re a bona fide student and the prints are for assessment, 20% will be deducted. (This can be applied with the small/medium/large job discounts above for a total discount of 25%/30%/35%.)
  • Proofs (stamped as such) are available for 60% of the normal print pricing.
  • You can choose to supply your own paper/media (assuming it has been profiled) for a discount of 25%. You will not be charged for any waste prints, nor refunded for the paper/media used.
  • No further discounts are available.




Files can be edited using Photoshop to your requirements at a cost of $75 per hour (charged in 5min intervals).

It is your responsibility to keep backup copies of your files. Two additional copies (with one off-site or in “the cloud”) is the minimum recommended. If however you have lost your original file, Macquarie Editions may be able to replace it from copies retained for the purpose of reprints. The cost for file retrieval is $10 per file, written to a provided flash drive or uploaded to Dropbox. Working files (individually tweaked for printing) are not generally available.



Payment and Delivery

At the completion of each job you will be invoiced by email. Payment is required in full at this time. Payment can be made via bank transfer (preferred) or credit/debit card. Transaction fees (currently 2% + $0.30) are passed on for credit/debit card payments.

Work can be collected from Macquarie Editions’ studio during business hours (make sure to call beforehand). Depending on the volume of jobs it may also be possible to drop your prints into PhotoAccess at Manuka Arts Centre in Canberra (only). Jobs that have not been settled in time will be held over for a subsequent delivery so it is in your interest to pay the invoice promptly.

Prints can also be posted to any nominated address. Prints up to A3+ in size are sent flat, larger prints are sent rolled in an original roll paper box (assuming empties are available). A charge of $5 (to cover packaging and a trip to the Post Office) plus the actual cost of postage will be levied. While all care is taken, Macquarie Editions makes no warranty for your prints arriving in a timely fashion and/or in an acceptable state. Prints will only be sent after payment has been received.


All prices include GST

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