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Altered states

16th March 2014 | Exhibitions
Horse's Arse - Kelly Sturgiss

Horse’s Arse – Kelly Sturgiss

Altered states is a group exhibition where a number of artists were invited to engage with the notion that the eye of the photographer creates a subjective image either through the choices it makes or techniques used to transform the image. It includes works by Virginia Wallace-Crabbe, Genevieve Swifte, Kelly Sturgiss, Stephen Best, Frank Lindner, Donna Gibbons, Anders Nielsen and Cecile Galiazzo.

The exhibition is showing at The Left Hand, 81 Lascelles Street, Braidwood for three weekends: 22/23, 29/30 March and 5/6 April.

Abiding with non-particular - Frank Lindner

Abiding with non-particular – Frank Lindner