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Fine art reproduction photography service

15th March 2022 | News

For a number of years Macquarie Editions has offered high quality scans of fine art originals such as prints, drawings, paintings, watercolours, pastels etc. I am pleased to announce that in addition I can now offer digital photography of 2D artworks with the same or even higher quality. Your originals could be unmounted or mounted works (but not glazed), initially up to about A0 size. The resultant image files can be used for archival purposes, reproduction prints, publication, web use, exhibition/competition submissions or whatever.

If you are interested in having your artworks photographed in Macquarie Editions’ studio please get in touch for details, pricing etc. Photography is also available in your studio at an hourly rate.


Watercolours – Robyn Goodwin

9th April 2021 | Exhibitions
Frog's Teaparty - Robyn Goodwin

Frog’s Teaparty – Robyn Goodwin

Macquarie Editions has partnered for many years with scans of Robyn Goodwin’s watercolours for book publication. This will be the first exhibition of her work.

Robyn Goodwin is an Australian published children’s author and artist and her Backyard Tales series of picture books are entertaining and boldly illustrated. Robyn’s work in watercolour, pencil and ink encompasses the natural beauty of both animal and plant life that live in and around her backyard. Her stories are bought to life with animals adopting human mannerisms which makes for adventurous storytelling.

“I’m on a mission to introduce my backyard to your blank walls. My art is brightly coloured with delicate detail and welcoming beauty. Australian flora and fauna never ceases to inspire and surprise me. I use my art as a platform to advocate for its protection.

“I’d like for people to look at my paintings and feel happiness. After all an artist doesn’t draw what they see, but what they feel”.

Robyn’s work is showing alongside that of Amalia Alegria-Wolfe and Roland Aronsen at Studio Altenburg in Braidwood from 23rd April to 29th May. The exhibition opens at 6pm on Friday 23rd April, RSVP to the gallery.

Epson SureColor P7560 printer

20th March 2021 | News

Epson SureColor P7560

Macquarie Editions has just installed a state-of-the-art Epson SureColor P7560 12-colour printer. This printer will be used for prints on rag, baryta & washi papers etc up to 24″/610mm wide by any practical length.


Seeds from the Bank

10th March 2020 | Exhibitions
Eucalyptus pileata, Eucalyptus kondininensis, Eucalyptus griffithsii - ANBG

Eucalyptus pileata, Eucalyptus kondininensis, Eucalyptus griffithsii – ANBG

Seeds from the Bank is an exhibition showcasing the collection diversity of the National Seed Bank at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG), through microscope and photographic images as well as original artworks and sculptures. The exhibition highlights the scientific importance of our images for reference and research as well as hopefully engaging your imagination.

“The proceeds from the sale of images and artwork at the exhibition will be donated to the new National Seed Bank. We’ll be using the exhibition to promote the work of the National Seed Bank and wider conservation issues surrounding the use of seed to save our flora.”

This exhibition in the Visitor Centre of the ANBG provides a glimpse into the collection of the National Seed Bank and the seeds collected to support the conservation of our native flora. Thursday, 5 March 2020 – 9:30am to Sunday, 12 April 2020 – 4:30pm.


Place and Identity – Roger Stuart

5th November 2019 | Exhibitions
Big sea: Barragga Bay, sunrise - Roger Stuart

Big sea: Barragga Bay, sunrise – Roger Stuart

Roger Stuart’s photographs, together with paintings by Alison Thomas, are showing now in the exhibition Place and Identity – Paris and Bega at Ivy Hill Gallery, Wapengo. The exhibition runs to Sunday, 1st December.

“Roger says that many places have shaped his identity, from the small country towns of his childhood to the Australian and overseas cities of his adult life. Two of these have particularly influenced him and, therefore, his photography. The first is his now home country, the Cuttagee area near Bermagui, together with its contiguous sparsely populated coastline. The second is the great urban metropolis of Paris, which first amazed him in 1968, where he was later able to work and live for several years and where he now has family.

“This is an unlikely pairing, juxtaposing a place of near wilderness and an intensively peopled, globally significant city. But he says that for him those starkly contrasting qualities are also highly complementary, each providing something important that is absent in the other: the wild beauty, wildlife and ancient habitation and culture of the Cuttagee/Bermagui area; and the elegance and integration of Paris’s streetscapes, its ancient traces, its cultural richness and density and the liveliness and huge variety of the people that fill its public spaces.”


Memento Anima – Ollie Cool

20th March 2019 | Exhibitions

Haai Zee - Ollie Cool

Haai Zee – Ollie Cool

Ollie Cool (along with Marianne Cool, Steve Trevaskis and Sue Brodie) is participating in the exhibition Memento Anima at The Wall in Ulladulla. Ollie’s composite works are “sending the message that if we keep overfishing and don’t start acting in a more sustainable manner we will be left with only bones to eat”!

The exhibition opens at 5:30-7:30pm on Friday 5th April.


Episode – Amy McGregor

19th August 2018 | Exhibitions

Blue Suit - Amy McGregor

Blue Suit – Amy McGregor

Amy McGregor’s Episode is an exploration of narrative through visual cues and draws on techniques observed from film and television, particularly crime mysteries of the 70’s and 80’s. Each of these staged photographs presents salient features with minimal context and encourages speculation on the relationship between them. What is shown and what is hidden share equal importance in the provocation of imagination.

The exhibition opens at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka at 6pm, Thursday 23th August and runs to 2nd September.


Fleeting Glimpses – Catherine Moore

14th February 2018 | Exhibitions

Okarito ocean - Catherine Moore

Okarito ocean – Catherine Moore

Fleeting Glimpses is a collection of paintings, collage and photography from travels around Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand by Catherine Moore. This is the third solo exhibition of her work at Altenburg.

“The concept of Fleeting Glimpses relates not just to quick views of landscapes through bus or train windows, but to the fragile state of the world as a direct result of human activity, and the fact that so much is disappearing before our eyes, on our watch.”

The exhibition is showing now at Altenburg & Co, Braidwood until 20th March.


Dedications – Claire Williams

23rd November 2017 | Exhibitions

Claire Williams

Claire Williams

Claire William’s latest exhibition Dedications continues with experimental film development/manipulation techniques resulting in unique works, visually similar to either solarization or the Sabatier effect.

“The photographs are at an intersection of surrealism and realism. They linger between telling the truth, and distorting the truth. The chemical effect embodies an image one might conjure in a dream or memory, and they appear as if the image could be wiped away at any second. Eventually, our memories of people will appear similarly to these photographs, blemished, hazy around the edges, obscured by foggy information. I have taken portraits of people close to me not to reveal a truth about them, but instead to describe a feeling of recollection and nostalgia.”

The exhibition opens at 6pm, Thursday 30th November at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre and runs to 10th December.


Moments – David Chalker

23rd November 2017 | Exhibitions
Moment 8 - David Chalker

Moment 8 – David Chalker

David Chalker, along with Ian Copland and Brian Rope, have collaborated on Canberra – Our Streets, an exhibition of street photography from Canberra.

Moments is a not too serious take on Henri Cartier-Bresson and the decisive moment. Each image is paired with another made at almost the same time or from almost the same position. Do they successfully capture the moment or the sense of place, or does one succeed more than the other? The answer, I suspect, will always involve subjective judgements.”

The exhibition is showing now at The Front Gallery and Café, Lyneham and runs to 4th December.