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Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige

13th October 2017 | Papers

Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige is an updated (and deluxe) version of their popular Baryta Photographique paper. It has however been comprehensively reformulated with an increased weight/thickness (now 340gsm/0.37mm), a cotton and alpha-cellulose base (for better feel/handling), an improved surface sheen which more closely matches that of the inks (for minimal gloss differential) plus a slightly different (and cleaner looking) colour.

Overall it’s a smooth paper with a fine lustre which closely resembles traditional fibre-based darkroom papers. It’s ideal for both black & white and colour. Maximum density and colour gamut are excellent. It won the prestigious TIPA 2017 award for the best inkjet photographic paper.

This is very much a premium paper and will give maximum impact where display conditions allows.

Macquarie Editions now has this in stock in sheets and rolls. It has been profiled in-house for black & white (both neutral and warm toning) and colour (with different perceptual renderings) … a selection of eight profiles to choose from depending on the image and rendering desired.