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Coronavirus trading conditions

3rd April 2020 | News

For the immediate period of the Coronavirus pandemic, Macquarie Editions is operating under reduced conditions. No visits inside the studio will be possible but some work (scans, prints/reprints, reproductions) delivered to the door or submitted online may be undertaken. Completed work will have to be collected at the door. Please get in contact if you have any questions.

Stay safe everybody!

Price increase for prints on baryta (glossy) papers

13th October 2017 | News

Effective 1st November, prints on baryta (glossy) papers will attract a 20% surcharge. The cost for rag (matte) prints remains unchanged.

The price increase reflects the higher cost for premium baryta papers (such as Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige) and/or extra care required in their printing (read increased wastage).

What exactly is baryta anyway? Baryta (or barium sulphate) is a clay-like substance applied to the underlying surface of the print giving it its overall smoothness and appearance. It is what distinguishes a fibre paper in the darkroom from its low cost RC (resin-coated or plastic) cousin. As in the darkroom, baryta papers are chosen for their superior paper feel, image depth and look. There is now a large range of baryta papers available for inkjet printing, for both black & white and colour images.

Macquarie Editions has moved!

30th January 2015 | News

Macquarie Editions has moved a block away to 59 Monkittee Street, Braidwood and is now open for business.


12th November 2014 | News

Macquarie Editions can now produce presentation portfolios of your work. These could either be for sale as limited editions or simply to showcase/preserve your best images. The images themselves are printed on the paper of your choice (see below for some recommendations) then individually sleeved with archival barrier paper. A typical portfolio will supplement the images with any or all of: title sheet, text description, thumbnails, colophon etc. The whole is presented in an elegant clamshell box (custom made to Macquarie Editions’ specifications) and titled externally as desired. A pair of cotton gloves is included to encourage careful handling.

The cost for a completed A3+ portfolio with 10 images is $600. This includes the box, printing and assembly. Pricing for different sizes and/or number of images is available on request.


Cliftons Art Prize – Joshua Dykgraaf

5th June 2014 | News
London - Joshua Dykgraaf

London – Joshua Dykgraaf

Congratulations to Joshua Dykgraaf whose work London was selected as a finalist in the Cliftons Art Prize.


Reflective Scans

15th September 2013 | News

Macquarie Editions has recently added a colour managed large-format flatbed scanner and can now offer high quality scans of any drawn, painted or printed media up to A2 size. The scanned image can then be transferred to a fine art paper as a reproduction potentially indistinguishable from the original (and with comparable display life).


Updated Price List

1st September 2013 | News

Effective today, an updated Price List applies for a number of prints and services.

The price for all but the largest prints will increase with corresponding discounts of 5% or 10% for medium/large jobs. This reflects a disproportionate overhead for small jobs.

The discount for student work (where the prints are for assessment) has been increased from 15% to 20%.


HiDPI (Retina) support

23rd November 2012 | News

This site now supports HiDPI on “Retina” class devices (iPad 3/4, MacBook Pro with Retina display) and similar tablets/screens. If you have one of these (and use a browser that supports it) you should notice smoother and more detailed images. Future content will all display at higher resolution while existing images will be updated over time.

Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer

14th October 2010 | News

Macquarie Editions has just added an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer to expand capabilities and can now offer prints up to 44″ (1.1m) wide by any practical length. A selected range of papers will be offered in 36″ and 44″ widths and I’m keen to hear about your requirements.

Chris Morrison Fine Art Landscape Photography

14th July 2010 | News

Chris Morrison Fine Art Landscape Photography

Macquarie Editions has had a long association with AIPP award-winning photographer Chris Morrison, providing film scans of his 6×17 transparencies. Chris has now launched his own site with stunning panoramic images from Australia & New Zealand, Europe and South America. (more…)