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Epson Hot Press Natural

9th July 2011 | Papers

Epson Hot Press Natural is a 100% cotton rag paper with a silky smooth surface and natural, warm tone. Its weight is a substantial 330gsm. Its paper white measures 97.3, 0.0, 3.5 (see CIE L*a*b* for a description of these values). It’s a worthy successor to Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art with the newer paper incorporating a superior coating for larger colour gamut and greater Dmax (measured over 1.7 which places it near the top for a rag paper). Images printed on Hot Press Natural are pin sharp and the surface has an attractive velvety appearance. The paper really rewards subjects such as portraits.

Where a higher white point and greater overall contrast is wanted, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth may be preferable.