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Fine art reproduction photography service

15th March 2022 | News

For a number of years Macquarie Editions has offered high quality scans of fine art originals such as prints, drawings, paintings, watercolours, pastels etc. I am pleased to announce that in addition I can now offer digital photography of 2D artworks with the same or even higher quality. Your originals could be unmounted or mounted works (but not glazed), initially up to about A0 size. The resultant image files can be used for archival purposes, reproduction prints, publication, web use, exhibition/competition submissions or whatever.

If you are interested in having your artworks photographed in Macquarie Editions’ studio please get in touch for details, pricing etc. Photography is also available in your studio at an hourly rate.

Also available is copy stand photography of smaller works (originals up to about A2 size) with throughput/pricing comparable to scanning. The lighting used is preferable for non-flat originals (e.g. with slight corrugations) or those with more relief such as on highly textured paper, collages etc. With optional custom lighting it’s also possible to emphasise texture, e.g. impasto. Laser alignment to ensure the original and sensor planes are perfectly parallel, flat-field correction, precision optics and custom camera colour profiling together result in optimal image files from captures at up to 240mp.