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Mentor Program

24th October 2016 | Courses

Macquarie Editions strives for the highest quality prints from your images, not just as faithful representations on paper but as objects of enduring beauty. Using the finest printers and papers is part of this. Essential though is receiving the highest quality files from your images to work with.

The Mentor Program takes the form of informal individual or small group consultation/discussion aimed at improving (or at least you better understanding) the tools and workflow you use. Areas include camera settings, monitor choice/setup/evaluation, software, scanning, colour spaces, lens correction, sharpening and noise reduction, file formats … anything that can have an influence on the final file quality. Learn the benefits of an L* workflow. The information imparted is generally not something you’ll find in books and may even contradict what you’ve been told elsewhere! (To be clear: the scope of this program isn’t printing per se, it’s about everything up to the point you hit Upload to submit your files for printing.)

All sessions are held at Macquarie Editions’ studio in Braidwood at a mutually agreed time, preferably Monday to Friday during business hours but arrangements can be made on weekends (but you may have to share the time with others). Discussion will start off with your current tools/workflow and what you’re aiming to achieve. Multiple sessions are envisaged for most people.

The cost for the program (for as many sessions as needed) is $250 per person, payable in advance of your first scheduled session. This amount is fully creditable towards future printing work done anytime in the following 3 months (at normal pricing) so participation in the program may end up costing you nothing.

If you would like to discuss the program in detail, your needs or book a session please get in contact.

Update: Macquarie Editions has been able to secure a further discount for program participants from Image Science on quality monitors. If you’re planning your next exhibition set yourself up now to get better looking results (or at least closer to what you expect) and save yourself some money. Details on request.