INSIDE – Anthony Basheer

27th October 2017 | Exhibitions
Untitled (c) - Anthony Basheer

Untitled (c) – Anthony Basheer

As part of DESIGN Canberra Festival 2017, Anthony Basheer’s INSIDE shows how photography can elevate the status of place, continuing in the tradition set by the likes of Max Dupain, Wolfgang Sievers and John Gollings. Using Telstra Tower as the subject it explores the play of light and complexities of colour and texture to reveal materiality and form.

“There is a privilege in engaging with a structure as a photographer. You develop a sense of ownership and belonging which provides an intimacy. I wish to invoke this feeling and connection to the structure for the viewer”.

The exhibition opens at Telstra Tower, Black Mountain at 6pm on Tuesday 7th November and runs to 26th November.

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Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige

13th October 2017 | Papers

Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige is an updated (and deluxe) version of their popular Baryta Photographique paper. It has however been comprehensively reformulated with an increased weight/thickness (now 340gsm/0.37mm), a cotton and alpha-cellulose base (for better feel/handling), an improved surface sheen which more closely matches that of the inks (for minimal gloss differential) plus a slightly different (and cleaner looking) colour.

Overall it’s a smooth paper with a fine lustre which closely resembles traditional fibre-based darkroom papers. It’s ideal for both black & white and colour. Maximum density and colour gamut are excellent. It won the prestigious TIPA 2017 award for the best inkjet photographic paper.

This is very much a premium paper and will give maximum impact where display conditions allows.

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Gundaroo Rooms – Cathy Laudenbach

6th October 2017 | Exhibitions
Cathy Laudenbach

Cathy Laudenbach

Cathy Laudenbach’s Gundaroo Rooms images recalls a time in Australia’s recent past.

“Twenty years ago I lived in Gundaroo: a small village north of Canberra. I spent many hours with some of the older residents. I would visit regularly with my camera recording both them and their homes. Homes that were old and lived in. Homes that told stories of families, history, place and country Australia.

“Time appeared to stand still in the rooms, although now they no longer exist. The inhabitants have died and with time the rooms have been modernised and renovated.”

The exhibition is showing at the REGIONAL GALLERY and runs from 13th October to 11th November.

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Provenance – Geoffrey Dunn

30th July 2017 | Exhibitions
Provenance - Geoffrey Dunn

Provenance – Geoffrey Dunn

Provenance is an exhibition by Canberra-based mid-career photographer Geoffrey Dunn showcasing black and white portraits of Canberra photographers and artists.

“We can be familiar with people’s work but not the individuals creating it. Provenance illuminates the ‘Artists behind the Art’ in a series of intimate portraits of 8 Canberra artists.”

The exhibition opens at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre at 6pm, Thursday 17th August and runs to 10th September.

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Nature’s Patterns – Janita Byrne

1st March 2017 | Exhibitions
Braidwood Gum III - Janita Byrne

Braidwood Gum III – Janita Byrne

Nature’s Patterns is the culmination of a 100-day art project, with artist and educator Janita Byrne producing a pattern image, natural or hand made, and posted to her Instagram page Janita’s Studio. An exhibition of works from this project opens at Braidwood Community Art Gallery at 6pm, Saturday 25th March. Gallery hours are 10am-3pm for the weekend of 25th & 26th March.

Reproductions of some of Janita’s pastels were printed on Epson Cold Press Natural.

Epson Cold Press Natural

3rd December 2016 | Papers

Epson Cold Press Natural is a sister paper to Epson Hot Press Natural (and its Bright white siblings). As its name implies, it’s a more textured paper but with the same 100% cotton base and 340gsm weight (in sheets). It performs identically to the smoother Hot Press paper with rich blacks.

Macquarie Editions has developed a warm toning for black & white images on this paper for added visual depth. This appealing toning can enhance most image subjects from portraits to landscape. Neutral or Warm toning is available on request.

Collective Rhythm – Casey Crockford

22nd November 2016 | Exhibitions
David and I - Casey Crockford

David and I – Casey Crockford

Collective Rhythm is a social documentary project exploring Canberra’s swing dance community by emerging artist Casey Crockford.

“From dance halls to homes, my photographs and video work explore how this recreational activity permeates the lives of those enamoured by its charms. In all its energy and excitement, the collective love of the dance has formed a solid community based on shared learning and individual expression – one of which I am myself involved in and enraptured by – and therefore wish to capture and share with the world outside of it.”

The exhibition opens at 6pm Thursday 1st December at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre and runs to 11th December.

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Mentor Program

24th October 2016 | Courses

Macquarie Editions strives for the highest quality prints from your images, not just as faithful representations on paper but as objects of enduring beauty. Using the finest printers and papers is part of this. Essential though is receiving the highest quality files from your images to work with.

The Mentor Program takes the form of informal individual or small group consultation/discussion aimed at improving (or at least you better understanding) the tools and workflow you use. Areas include camera settings, monitor choice/setup/evaluation, software, scanning, colour spaces, lens correction, sharpening and noise reduction, file formats … anything that can have an influence on the final file quality. Learn the benefits of an L* workflow. The information imparted is generally not something you’ll find in books and may even contradict what you’ve been told elsewhere! (To be clear: the scope of this program isn’t printing per se, it’s about everything up to the point you hit Upload to submit your files for printing.)

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In the Landscape – Annika Harding

10th September 2016 | Exhibitions
Something that I looked at in the landscape 2016 - Annika Harding

Something that I looked at in the landscape 2016 – Annika Harding

In the Landscape has emerging artists Amy Dunn and Annika Harding use the photograph as a starting point and add paint to explore the relationship between the artist or figure and the landscape.

“Photography is the means by which I observe and record my interactions with the landscape. While the digital photographic image usually informs paintings in my practice, in this body of work, I have explored this process in a different way. The photograph is printed, and then paint is used to record and highlight my interactions with the landscape. As well as flat colour and metallic paint, the paint that I have used in this work includes interference paints, which at certain angles appear almost transparent, but at others lights up with iridescence. These works each explore one particular way that I interacted with a particular landscape: things that I looked at, things that I touched, the way that I walked through the landscape, things that I put into the landscape, or things that I thought or said.”

The exhibition is showing at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre until 2nd October.

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Preset Memory – Brenton McGeachie

29th August 2016 | Exhibitions
Slater - Brenton McGeachie

Slater – Brenton McGeachie

In the exhibition Preset Memory five well-established Canberra artists: Blaide Lallemand, Ellis Hutch, Brenton McGeachie, Mark Van Veen and Lee Grant use experimental approaches revealing intriguing individual viewpoints expressed as photography. Brenton’s intriguing photographs of the shells of insect bodies invite viewers to take a close look at the subtle complexities of their architecture.

The exhibition opens at 6pm on 8th September at M16 Artspace and runs to 25th September.

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