And the Monkey Flips the Switch – Shintaro Marky

4th August 2015 | Exhibitions
Addict, 2013 - Shintaro Marky

Addict, 2013 – Shintaro Marky

And the Monkey Flips the Switch, works in ink and watercolour by Mark Sullivan (aka Shintaro Marky), opens at the Barthe House Gallery in Woolloomooloo, Sydney at 6pm on Thursday 6th August. The show runs to 30th October.

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National Photographic Portrait Prize 2015

4th April 2015 | Exhibitions
The morticians, 2014 - Rohan Thomson

The morticians, 2014 – Rohan Thomson

Congratulations to Rohan Thomson who was selected as a finalist for the National Photographic Portrait Prize (NPPP) for 2015. This annual exhibition reflects the distinctive vision of Australia’s aspiring and professional portrait photographers and the unique nature of their subjects. The exhibition is currently showing at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra and runs to 8th June.

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Out of Silence, Marcel Marceau in Australia 1965-2003

22nd February 2015 | Exhibitions
Marcel Marceau - Jan Dalman

Marcel Marceau – Jan Dalman

Australian photographer Jan Dalman photographed French mime artist Marcel Marceau on the Australian stage over a 38 year period. Dalman’s photographs, held in a private collection in Canberra, will be exhibited, along with anecdotes from the two artists’ time together and ephemera associated with Marceau’s appearances at The Canberra Theatre.

The exhibition by the Canberra Museum and Gallery in partnership with the Canberra Theatre Centre – Celebrating 50 Years will be shown at Alliance Française in Turner, opening at 7pm on Thursday 26th February and running to 19th March.

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Out West – Stephen Best

20th February 2015 | Exhibitions
Vigars Well, Mungo NP - Stephen Best

Vigars Well, Mungo NP – Stephen Best

Out West is a set of nine pinhole images taken in August 2014 on a trip to outback NSW.

“Far-western NSW may not register much these days on capital city consciousness but it’s an area central to the nation’s past prosperity. Wool exported to the “mother country” from large sheep stations serviced by steamers plying the Darling predates today’s mining boom. It’s a land of harsh extremes with remote outposts serviced by Cobb & Co coaches, the tracks of which still survive today in parts. There’s also a long history of aboriginal settlement in areas such as Mungo and Mutawintji. All this overlaid on the enduring landscape itself.

Out West is an attempt to capture in vignettes some of this history and landscape. In this I have continued my exploration of the pinhole medium, still learning how this camera “sees” and its applicability to this subject matter. I feel it’s only appropriate that this timeless region be rendered by means, and with treatment, suited to its antiquity.”

The exhibition will be opened by Gordon Undy at 6pm on Thursday 26th February at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre and runs to 22nd March.

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Macquarie Editions has moved!

30th January 2015 | News

Macquarie Editions has moved a block away to 59 Monkittee Street, Braidwood and is now open for business.


12th November 2014 | News

Macquarie Editions can now produce presentation portfolios of your work. These could either be for sale as limited editions or simply to showcase/preserve your best images. The images themselves are printed on the paper of your choice (see below for some recommendations) then individually sleeved with archival barrier paper. A typical portfolio will supplement the images with any or all of: title sheet, text description, thumbnails, colophon etc. The whole is presented in an elegant clamshell box (custom made to Macquarie Editions’ specifications) and titled externally as desired. A pair of cotton gloves is included to encourage careful handling.

The cost for a completed A3+ portfolio with 10 images is $600. This includes the box, printing and assembly. Pricing for different sizes and/or number of images is available on request.

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Ghost Stories – Lori Cicchini

5th November 2014 | Exhibitions
Whispering Magic - Lori Cicchini

Whispering Magic – Lori Cicchini

Internationally recognised fashion photographer Lori Cicchini’s Ghost Stories presents a highly imagined and elaborately constructed vision.

“The series transforms the stillness of an abandoned chateau in France. The images transform into fractured memories of the life that dwelled within, blended with the life that is now taking over the ruins by the vegetation and wildlife. Each image translates the artists’ interpretation of stages in life and death, love and fear, despair and hope, a self evaluation of her own journey.”

The exhibition opens at 6pm on Thursday, 6th November at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre and runs to 23rd November.

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in Flux – Nadia McLeish

7th October 2014 | Exhibitions
Come away with me - Nadia McLeish

Come away with me – Nadia McLeish

Nadia’s in Flux is both a personal and impressionistic view of the Braidwood winter landscape and its features.

“Braidwood is my home and, for this series, my inspiration. The natural landscape is varied and changes markedly with the seasons, being particularly stark in winter. Old farmsteads dot the hills, filled with mementoes of the early settlers. Sometimes the corner of an old building reveals a tableau of objects frozen in time; past activity remembered only in detritus.

“Time moves on, like the blur of hedgerows whooshing past unnoticed in the rush to get somewhere. Photography brings the instant into focus. It reveals and defies the flux of time, and tantalizes with glimpses of the eternal present.”

The exhibition opens at 6pm on Friday 10th October at Altenburg & Co in Braidwood and runs to 9th November.

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Papers currently in stock

22nd September 2014 | Papers

The following is a list of papers currently in stock in a sheet size of A3+ (13″x19″). Prints are available at full A3+ size or half A3+ size (9.5″x13″). A selection of these papers are also available in larger sheets/rolls.

Those papers marked with (*) are now discontinued and/or will no longer be restocked. A discount of 25% is available for prints on these run-out papers, while stocks last.

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Inner Necessity – Suzie Edwards

6th August 2014 | Exhibitions
The Breath is Short, The Sigh is Long - Suzie Edwards

The Breath is Short, The Sigh is Long – Suzie Edwards

Suzie Edwards’ Inner Necessity explores the seemingly non-relationship between images:

“At times there appears to be a relationship where logically there should not be one. Subject/time wise there is no link and there is no narrative. Some images seem to naturally assert themselves no matter what space they occupy – some stand alone and carry their message and yet others need to have a connection and context in order to resonate with the viewer.

“The results of my creative play are here for you to view, question and ultimately think about. You will all bring something of yourself to my images and you will all leave with something – and for every one of you, it will be different.”

The exhibition opens at 6pm on Thursday, 7th August at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre and runs to 24th August.

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