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Price increase for prints on baryta (glossy) papers

13th October 2017 | News

Effective 1st November, prints on baryta (glossy) papers will attract a 20% surcharge. The cost for rag (matte) prints remains unchanged.

The price increase reflects the higher cost for premium baryta papers (such as Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige) and/or extra care required in their printing (read increased wastage).

What exactly is baryta anyway? Baryta (or barium sulphate) is a clay-like substance applied to the underlying surface of the print giving it its overall smoothness and appearance. It is what distinguishes a fibre paper in the darkroom from its low cost RC (resin-coated or plastic) cousin. As in the darkroom, baryta papers are chosen for their superior paper feel, image depth and look. There is now a large range of baryta papers available for inkjet printing, for both black & white and colour images.