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Aardenburg Imaging & Archives reports

6th April 2009 | News


Macquarie Editions is now a professional subscriber to Aardenburg Imaging & Archives image permanence research. Aardenburg conducts independent accelerated aging testing of digital printmaking inksets and substrates. Reports of the results are available to subscribers and their clients. These reports detail not just the expected display life of a print (as does those conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research) but a breakdown by individual colours/densities at increasing stages of light exposure (megalux-hours). Optical brighteners (where used) are also factored into the results. As such, Aardenburg’s testing is currently the most comprehensive independently undertaken and Macquarie Editions is proud to support its activities.

A selection of Macquarie Editions’ own prints on the most popular rag papers have been submitted for testing and the first stage (10 megalux-hours) should be completed in about 3 months time. The reports will be available on request.