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This optional facility is intended for the submission of image files for printing. Images sent as email attachments cannot be accepted.

  • If you want the best results, read Preparing your files for printing before uploading them.
  • Flatten images prior to saving a copy for upload. The preferred format for non-vector files is TIFF, but for most prints JPEG (at Very High or Maximum quality) is adequate.
  • Make sure each image file is tagged with its colour space profile. Do not convert to sRGB unnecessarily.
  • Give your files meaningful names and send an email after you’ve uploaded them with your requirements (file name, printed image size, border, paper type). Unrecognised files will be deleted.
  • Upload individual image files one at a time and wait for each to appear in the list below. Check that the uploaded size matches that of your file. Uploading large files will take some time!
  • Having problems uploading or want to upload large files? Consider using Dropbox instead.


04/03/24 4:36 AM