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Us – Phil & Helen McFadden

26th October 2013 | Exhibitions
Freddy Quaytara - Phil McFadden

Freddy Quaytara – Phil McFadden

Us – One Planet, Many Peoples is an exhibition of photographic portraits by Phil and Helen McFadden captured during their travels. The images are of people whom they have seen and met in places like Turkey, Mongolia, Ecuador and Madagascar as well as Australia. Helen’s images are soft sepia-toned monochromes of women, children and men going about their daily tasks – making bread, minding an eagle, sewing a saddle, or fishing in a rice paddy. Phil’s images often show the intense gaze obtained by engaging with the subject.

“In most places, the people are overwhelmingly friendly and happy to share their world. Whatever their cultural backgrounds, they share our aspirations and their hopes for their children. They are people like Us.”

The exhibition opens at Yarralumla Gallery, Cottage 1, Weston Park Rd, Yarralumla at 3pm on Sunday 3rd November and runs to 30th November.

The paper selected for the prints was Canson Infinity Rag Photographique.

Harran Breadmaker - Helen McFadden

Harran Breadmaker – Helen McFadden

Charlie - Phil McFadden

Charlie – Phil McFadden