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Wilhelm Imaging Research Print Permanence Ratings

15th February 2009 | News

Wilhelm Imaging Research, a respected authority on the display life of photographic prints using different technologies, has just published their (preliminary) report on the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and UltraChrome HDR inks. You can download the report from here.

A few things to note about these results:

  • These are accelerated aging tests with the projected display life based on shorter tests at much higher luminance levels. You can read about the methodology on WIR’s site.
  • How these results relate to the display life of your prints depends on how closely the display conditions parallel those used in the tests. Obviously, hanging prints in direct sunlight or in adverse environmental conditions will greatly reduce their life compared to the figures quoted.
  • The display life is generally improved behind glass, with optimal ratings when glass/acrylic with UV filtration is employed.
  • Few of the papers tested are in use by Macquarie Editions so the results can only be only be approximated based on comparable paper types. In general, Macquarie Editions sets higher standards for the archival qualities of the papers offered (for example no or minimal use of OBAs).

If you have any queries regarding these results, or seek advice on best practices for the display of your prints, just ask. Your framer is also likely a good source of information on considerations for different presentation options.